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Posted by on Mar 9, 2017 in Announcement | 0 comments

Campaign Announcement

Campaign Announcement

I am writing to formally announce my candidacy for Rochester City Council At-Large and to seek your support as one of the five Democratic endorsed candidates at the upcoming Democratic Nominating Caucus. I need your support in order to succeed.

I am a longtime loyal committee member serving in the 23rd LD Committee for over 11 years. I served as Chair of the 23rd LD Committee from 2011-2013, and was your candidate for Monroe County Clerk in 2008. I am running for city council because I believe in the families of Rochester. I understand that good paying jobs and close knit neighborhoods are essential to a strong vibrant city.

Every job we create in the city is another potential job for one of our own residents. However, today we often lose jobs to the suburbs as the Republican dominated COMIDA board offers lucrative tax breaks for companies to abandon our city. Part of COMIDA’s mission is to protect the health of the Monroe County, we need to remind them that the patient in Rochester is still struggling. Many companies are looking to take advantage of economic development opportunities and COMIDA must make the city its priority for these companies and stop moving good paying jobs to the suburbs. If elected, I promise to use my voice on council to fight against any COMIDA plan that takes jobs away from our city.

Good jobs ensure that we are able to build stable neighborhoods. Strong neighborhoods are the foundation of a successful city. I served as the President of the ABC Streets Neighborhood Association from 2009-2013. From that, I gained experience working with City Council and the Mayor on neighborhood issues as well as listening to neighbors’ ideas and concerns. While most of these interactions ended in a positive outcome, I saw areas to improve how government can work for its people and be a source of good. My leadership has empowered my neighbors and allowed them to make improvements on quality of life issues and demand accountability from our elected officials and I will continue to use that experience for the rest of our community.

I was raised in Webster and after graduating from SUNY Oswego my wife Linda and I spent 10-years in the Washington, DC area but we knew our hearts were in Rochester. Linda and I chose to live in the city because we value all that the city has to offer. We are proud to be raising our two children – Sam (age 9) and Abby (age 6) in the city. I am also proud to be working at the same company for 16 years as a computer security contractor helping to secure government computer networks against hackers and other cyber threats.

In closing, I make a commitment to you that if elected, I will continue to abide by the principles that have guided me as a committee member, my time working with my neighbors, as a husband and a father of two young children. That is, I promise to listen, keep an open mind on all issues, and will do my best to work with my colleagues in city council to get things done. This is why I ask for your vote at the Democratic committee caucus.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at the phone number and e-mail address listed above.

Tom Hasman